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that's what's making news in getting worse, the crumbling infrastructure, a new day means a new water main break, how this could impact your morning commute. 13 years, how long a baltimore city police officer has been working to keep you safe. this morning he is off the streets. we will tell you why. drama in dc. first petraeus' affairs another commander maybe involved in a sex scandal. details coming up on this tuesday, november 13th. good morning, i'm charley crowson. >> i'm megan pringle. thank you for joining us. let's skip to the weather, rainy start. how long is that going to stick around? over to lynette charles.
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we will be dealing with the rain through the morning hours. towards the afternoon, we will taper off a bit. the cold air will be funneling in behind the cold front. we have the rain this morning. we can see the heaviest rain around hagerstown, see the yellows across the area, we have a big shield of rain across the area. stepping out and about, take it easy, not only the rain but fog in spots this morning just like yesterday. it's a cold rain, catonsville 44 degrees, 43 frederick. glenn l41 degrees. rain tapers off by lunchtime. we will get sunshine in to the afternoon. crews are working to repair a broken water main that ruptured in mount vernon, it's half the size of the one last week we told you about. >> it's causing a number of problems for homes and businesses today. linda so is live in mount vernon. how are things doing this morning. i see crews working.
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>> reporter: working throughout the night to get this fixed quickly to open the road back up. just a couple of minutes ago, they removed the broken section of the pipe. you can see crews in the hole, cutting off the edges, so they can replace wit a new section. the morning crew coming in, at 8:00, will be responsible for that. they are pumping out the extra water as well. this is a poinch main that broke -- 30-inch main that broke. homes and businesses lost water. mercy hospital had low water pressure. it's the fourth water main break in two weeks. water mains like this one, madison, could date back to the 1800s. dpw says it's in the beginning stages of a plan to speed up the amount of water main it replaces from under five miles per year to 40 miles. >> we are so far below where we should be. below 5 miles a year.
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over the next year, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40. after 40, we will be replacing 40 miles every year from there on out. >> the cost to make them will come out of your rising water bill. crews are hoping to fix this break quickly so it won't cause traffic problems. a minute ago they removed the broken section of the pipe, the crew that comes in at 8:00, will replace it with a new one. linda so, abc2 news. this is going to be affecting the commute for those around mount vernon. you want to try to avoid mount vernon if at all possible. this shuts down madison street from falls way to calvert, gillford, madison to monument, use 83. the off ramp is closed. this is a mile away from last week's water main break.
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north charles remains shutdown, north avenue to 21st street. you are looking at 95, downtown, at 395, everything up to speed. no problems through the fort mc henry. this is liberty road, everything moving along. prepare for slick conditions. the rain falling down. it's going to be pretty slick out there. taking a look at the top stories we are following for you today. he spent 13 years keeping your streets safe. that's no longer the case for a police officer. 39 year old elliot simon could face charges after being accused of sexual misconduct. police got a complaint of sexual relations between an 18 year old woman, and the officer who was on the clock.
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commissioner anthony bats is new and addressed the allegations and reiterated his commitment is to the people of baltimore. >> i have no tolerance for misconduct or officers that violate the public trust. >> he worked out of the north western district, a spokesperson says they haven't released his name, he is being investigated for what would be a felony. the state's attorneys office is looking in to the incident. the man behind elmo is taking a leave. he is accused of having a relationship with a teenage boy. officials says the accuser contacted him about the incident in june. clash is denying the allegations saying there was a relationship but it was between two consenting adults. the relationship was personal and not related to the
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workplace. celebrate daniel's recovery. the university of maryland medical center is hosting a blood drive in honor of the student. he was shot in the cafeteria on the first day of school. he was flown to shock trauma at the university of maryland after the shooting. he received several units of blood that saved his life. he and members of his families are attending the blood drive from 3:00 in the afternoon until 8:00 p.m. holiday passed, ravens are celebrating the men and women who put their lives in danger protecting us. players will visit vets at the va medical center, it's part of the nfl salute to service military appreciation initiative. not everyone is lucky enough to have a thanksgiving meal. b gaddy spends the weeks collecting food for those in need, today they are getting help from football star, he is going to be assisting with the food drive, starting at 6:30. all the items collecting will
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go towards the annual thanksgiving dinner. ravens are getting ready for a huge game sunday. the team comes face to face with the pittsburgh steelers for the first time this season. up in the air whether ben roethlisberger will be playing. he left with a shoulder injury. the ravens are in first place in the afc northern division. all right, we have rain coming down across the area this morning. we had patchy fog. the heavy rain towards the west, traveling in to it this morning. the light rain will slow your commute. let's pull out, see that we will have a break from the action as this moves through this morning, we will get sunshine before it's said and done as well. behind the front we are dealing with chilly air. the temperatures are going to drop off through the rest of the day. by tomorrow, temperatures will be in the 40s for highs. now, speaking of the 40s, that's what we are getting
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emmitsburg, 41 cockiesville and sparrows point. chesapeake beach 48. crossing the eastern shore and see federalsburg coming in at 50 degrees, 48 goldsboro. also, adding insult to injury again, with the temperatures out there, we have a windchill because we have the winds northwest at 5- 15 miles an hour, this will continue throughout the day, we will get gusts up to 25 miles an hour. be prepared for some windy conditions, and also be prepared for changes in the forecast because we are dealing with lots of mild weather coming to an end today. don't leave the house without the rain gear today and ala big coat. over to meagan and charlie. a sex scandal rocking washington dc. >> petraeus may no long longer be the head of the cia.
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another high powered position maybe involved in the drama. you remember her? last time you saw this 4 year old, she was in tears over barack obama and mitt romney, find out what is behind her change of heart. certain type of pepsi could help your body block fat. we will explain. everything is up to speed on 95, o'donnell, coming up, i will let you know what traffic looks like on the beltway and 83. a live look in mount vernon, repairs are underway to fix a massive water main break. details coming up on good morning maryland.
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new twist in the cia sex scandal. this morning, the pentagon announced its investigating the top american commander in afghanistan. it's looking in to alleged inappropriate communications between general john allen and
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jill kelly. if that name sounds familiar it should. she is the tampa woman who told the fbi she received anonymous harassing emails, the emails came from paula broadwell. petraeus resigned as director on friday. the pentagon found tens of thousands of emails and other documents exchanged between allen and kelly. allen was on track to become the supreme allied commander of nay to. the nomination is on hold. allen will remain as the leader of the u.s. troops in afghanistan. there is a hearing set for thursday to possibly replace him. congress returns to washington today after the election recess, the cia scandal isn't all they have to focus on. the pressing issue is figuring out how to keep american from going off the fiscal cliff. if it isn't resolved taxes will increase and a huge federal spending cut across the board.
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president obama plans to meet with leader as at the white house this week. president obama and vice president joe biden are taking america's economic woes seriously. today the two will be meeting with leaders from the labor community to discuss the deficit. president obama is expected to meet with members of the business community, to talk about the fiscal cliff tomorrow. we introduced you to ab gel evan, days before the presidential election. as you may recall, the 4 year old girl was the one crying because there was too much political talk on the radio. you might be asking, how does she feel today now that the election is a thing of the past? >> there is going to be a president. >> barack obama. >> she is happier in this video. the video of her crying over
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mitt romney has become a youtube sensation, more than 15 million views. her mom says she posted the new video of her daughter because she rarely crys and wanted to show her in a good mood. while she might be happy about the re-election, there are many people that are not. top of the list, texas, petition has gone above 25,000 signatures, needed to be sent to the president's desk. the president hasn't commented on the petition and may not. the terms of taking part in the president has loopholes. if you are looking for a pet, head to animal control in millersville. a donor will pay for adoption fees between now and saturday. we have heard breast- feeding is best for babies and today the maryland department of health will announce new hospital breast-feeding
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recommendations. officials from shady drove will be on hands to talk about them and the benefits for the mother as well as the baby. the meeting takes place at 10:30 this morning. book on many flights being packed. some may require larger passengers to purchase two seats in advanced if armrests can not be lowered. the airlines point to safety and comfort. embarrassed passengers call the rules unfair. chick-fil-a reveals the forecast. it tells travelers how much it's going to cost them to get where they are going. check this out, a new pepsi will be on the stores in japan. the new cola has a fat blocking fiber called decks trine -- it is tarted towards health conscious men ages poand older.
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for today, we have lots of clouds around the area. from the clouds, we are definitely seeing the rain falling and heavy in some spots as we go under the clouds, we are seeing what is going on this morning. i'm going to take you on a radar tour, we are looking at the moderate rain across the area. see it around hagerstown, we zoom in along i-70, you are seeing heavier rain, around bag town and meyersville, lockwood heights and cowell. sliding off towards the east, more heading in to mount prospect, estates, this will continue sliding further towards the east. westminster, you are getting in on the moderate rain, shoe makers lot and daisy ridge. make sure you have the rain gear. you will need it all morning long, it won't be until the
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afternoon that things taper off a bit. this is a cold rain this morning, 45 degrees davidsonville, hickory at 43, ijamsville 42 degrees. we have fog out there in spots this morning and the winds northwest at 5- 15 miles an hour. this will continue through the day, the reason why, this cold front slicing through the area, behind it much colder, and we will see light at the end of the tunnel. sunshine in here, especially in to tomorrow. future trend picking up on that, not a cloud in the sky heading in to wednesday, thursday, and friday looking good as well. 50 degrees today. we have the showers early, breezy and colder, 32, mostly clear and cold by tonight. tomorrow 48, mostly sunny and chilly, a check of the seven- day forecast, brings the chilly conditions with rain possible on sunday. let's get a check of the traffic with loren cook. unfortunately, dealing with a massive water main break from yesterday. if you are traveling in mound
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vernon, avoid madison street. shut down from fallsway, gillford closed from madison to monument streets, if you are using the jfx, that's your best alternate route. the off ramp to gillford will be closed. use calvert or st. paul street to avoid the closures. a mile away, dealing with repairs to last week's massive water main break. north charles shutdown, right between north avenue and 21st street. use calvert, maryland or st. paul instead. if you are traveling the beltway, as we look here at the topside, towson, everything is moving along, no delays up towards 83, this is what the west side looks like. no problems traveling to route 40 or traveling the inner loop through pikesville. that's a look at your traffic, over to you. one senior is working to change the face of medicine, he is setting records and getting reck okay in addition adark
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recognition along the way.
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study published in the journal of allergy and clinical immunology. normally when a child complains of headaches, parents take them to the doctor. researchers found no link between headaches and vision
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problems. the common cause is kids include viral or upper respiratory infections, family or school problems or head injury from playing. doctors recommend that you fast before having your cholesterol checked. however, a new study finds fasting before screening maybe unnecessary. the cholesterol test checks the level of fat in your blood. fasting made little difference in the accuracy of the blood test. report published by the journal of archives in internal medicine. >> where you lymay have an impact on your health. >> people living in baltimore lower income problems have more health problems. people in the roland park area, lived 20 years longer than those who lived in upton. high school senior is working right now to change the face of medicine and gaining national recognition all along the way. he is creating a nonaddictive
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painkiller. he spent months in the lab working on creating the drug and went to new york on a scholarship to get resources to do more tests. >> i felt pushed and felt like i couldn't do it sometimes because the experiments weren't working. when i found the compound it felt like magic. >> he is doing this for his mom because she broke her leg years ago and despite the pain she refused to take anything for the fear of side effects or addiction. next month he is going to travel to dc and have the chance to win $100,000 of scholarship money. a family is pulling together to grieve the loss of a couple killed when a house nearby exploded in indianapolis. dionne and jennifer loved to garden and family is planting a memorial garden where their home once stood to give them the opportunity to reflect on
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the couple's life. >> making sure your tell your family members you love them all the time. you never know. >> investigators are looking in to what caused the home to explode. no one was there at the time. rescuers hope to have luck saving two snowboarders stranded on top of a mountain. the two were snow boarding when a storm brought in heavy snow. rescuers couldn't reach them because of the poor conditions. they have enough supplies to last them another day. drivers will be able to buy gasoline no matter license plate number at 6:00 this morning. the governor, chris christie says the rationing succeeded and gas supplies are plentiful again. drivers must wait their turn to buy gas in new york, rationing started friday, new york city

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